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image Flight-Ctrl V2.1 ME (SMD preassembled)
This is a Flight-Ctrl 2.1-ME kit for MikroKotper. Most parts of the pcb are already assembled. There are only a few parts left to solder. (big capacitor, some connectors... 8 disponibles
image BL-Ctrl V2.0 (SMD preassembled)
Brushless motor controller with fast response for the MikroKopter This it is a SMD-preassembled BL-Ctrl-kit, only the capacitors have to be self-assebled. 16 disponibles
image MK2832/35
This is a 14pol Brushless Outrunner High Torque for Direct Drive 1 disponibles
image MK3538
This is a 14pol Brushless Outrunner High Torque for Direct Drive This (specially designed for the MikroKopter) black anodized engine has extra-long cables, short shaft (ideal for coaxial arrangement). 16 disponibles
image MK HiSight SLR1
Universal camera mount for SLR cameras (like Canon EOS 550 and mechanical comp.) - already assembled 10 disponibles

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Sistema de radio 12 canales para mikrokopter con telemetria incluida open
Estan en camino y los tendremos a mediados de Octubre
DJI tiene regalos por Navidad open

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